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We have gathered practical advice for international students on planning a UK education. Information such as visas, scholarships, money, accommodation, health, safety and travelling to and around the UK.

Click on the headings below to get up to date practical advice before you go.


A guide to UK visas for international students and graduates.

Scholarships and money

A guide to banking, managing your finances and finding a scholarship. 

Bringing your family

Find out about bringing your partner and dependents while you're studying in the UK.


A guide to student housing, from staying on campus to renting from private landlords.

Health, safety and welfare

A guide to staying safe and looking after your health while you're in the UK.

Travel and transport

Essential advice to help plan your travels to the UK – and all the information you need to take buses, trains, planes, cars and bicycles while you're here. 

Registering with the police

As an international student in the UK, you might need to register your details with the police. 

Working alongside your studies

Planning to get a part-time job while you're studying in the UK? Read this first. 

Internet, phone and post

A guide to using the internet, phone and postal services in the UK. 

Essential contacts

Your quick reference guide – find out where to go for visas, scholarships, healthcare, support and advice on any issue related to studying in the UK.

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