What is Aptis
Event Water Initiative South Asia (WISA) international symposium on Water Resource Management
Location Kathmandu, Nepal
Partners The British Council and Imperial College, London
Date 21 and 22 November 2017

The Water Initiative South Asia (WISA) is a three-phase project to promote science and innovation and partnership between South Asian countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka) and the UK. With growing global concerns about climate change, water scarcity, water conflict, the water-energy-food nexus and the impact all these have on the socio-economic future of regions (in particular South Asia); this comes at a time when international collaboration in the field of water management research and policy making is more important than ever. British Council, Iran proposes to launch the WISA project and deliver a policy dialogue event in November 2017 in partnership with Imperial College London. The event will map out the series of activities and projects that will take place in the region in 2018-2020 in partnership with UK universities and research institutes to address key issues regarding water in the region.

The overall objectives of the project are to share knowledge with and build capacity among South Asian researchers and policy makers, promote research in the area of water and water resource management, help bridge the gap between water management science and policy, and to develop an international network of professionals. The project consists of three phases (2017-2020).

Phase One - Bridging the gap between water science and policy in the South Asia region and Turkey, November 2017, Kathmandu, Nepal

An international symposium on Water Resource Management, bringing together 60 policy-makers, researchers and beneficiaries from different countries in the region to focus on the following themes:

  1. Health and sanitation
  2. Governance and allocation
  3. Best practices and innovation
  4. Water diplomacy and co-operation
  5. Water Food Energy Nexus

Phase I outcomes:

  • Identify the major water resource management challenges in countries in South Asia (Iran, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh) and Turkey opportunities for international collaboration over solving water problems.
  • Highlight potential contributions of UK researchers and affiliated international entities 
  • Identify countries’ areas of competence in water management with transferability to developing and developed countries.
  • Identify needs and demands for capacity development/training of trainers at regional scale.
  • Discuss objectives and outcomes of follow up events for Phase Two and Phase Three
  • The plan for the phase two and three will be proposed based on the results of policy dialogue by January 2018

Phase Two - Capacity building to tackle water challenges, 2018

Phase Three – Water, the essence of life: motivating people towards sustainability, 2019

For more information on how to be involved please contact,

Dr Fatemeh Ahmadi at: Fatemeh.Ahmadi@britishcouncil.org, or

Dr Jimmy O’Keeffe at: jimmy.okeeffe@imperial.ac.uk