Mat Wright

We currently do not hold any IELTS exams in Iran. You can search for other IELTS test centres by visiting this page

The UK government has announced important changes in the language certificates accepted for visa and immigration purposes. Read our Frequently Asked Questions to find out how these changes affect you.

Security alert

We have been made aware of fraudulent services offering to register Iranians for the IELTS test in Armenia. Once a fee has been taken, the scammers issue individuals with worthless fake registration documents.

To protect yourself from this scam, please ensure that you book your IELTS test through the IELTS website.

IELTS test fees in Iran

We are aware that IDP test centres in Iran have updated their IELTS test fees. Please be advised that the British Council does not currently administer the IELTS tests in Iran. If you have any questions about IELTS test fees in Iran please contact IDP at ielts.further.assistance@idp.com