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We have five self-study courses: Communicative Assessment, Learning Technologies for Business English Teachers, Learning Technologies for the Classroom, Special Educational Needs and Steps to Success.

Here is an overview of our Learning Technologies in the Classroom course.  You can access all of the courses by clicking here

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Learning Technologies in the Classroom:




Duration: 50 hours


Level of English: B1+

The course is for teachers who are relatively inexperienced in using technologies in the language classroom. It also takes into account different situations in which teachers find themselves: both where technology is only available outside the classroom, and where the classroom is well-resourced with IT.

This is a teacher development course that introduces teachers of English to the main aspects of using new technologies in the language classroom. The course modules cover a range of  web technologies, with topics including using the internet, cyber well-being for learners, using MS Office applications, using online video and audio, and using social networking and other web technologies for educational purposes.

Each online unit (17 in total) lasts between 2 and 3 hours, and includes links and video demonstrations about the technologies involved. It includes a wide range of practical ideas and web resources that teachers can directly use with their learners. The course is taken in 5 parts:

Module 1 – Preparation

Module 2 – Using the Web

Module 3 – Using Office software

Module 4 – Projects

Module 5 – The interactive Web