These pages provide good practical advice and ideas for English teachers on how to become more aware and integrate aspects of equal opportunity and diversity into their work. Our Equal Opportunity and Diversity Handbook has been produced for English teachers, by English teachers. You can download the whole booklet from the provided link at the bottom of the page or browse through the pages below to go directly to your topic of interest.

Our approach to Equal Opportunity and Diversity (EO&D) is not prescriptive and this handbook is not a ‘one size fits all’ recipe book for the diverse global contexts we teach in. It is a showcase of best practice from a variety of teaching contexts around the world, where colleagues have successfully embedded equality and diversity in English language teaching (ELT).

The suggestions for activities, lesson materials and professional development tools should be seen as springboards which you can adapt to suit your own learners’ and teaching purposes. The handbook isn’t just a collection of success stories: we have also shared our experiences of the challenges we encountered and how we overcame them. We hope these ‘lived’ case studies will inspire you to be creative in your approach to integrating equal opportunity and diversity into your teaching. 

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