Join us for this free and exciting music event at  Southbank Centre on Friday 20 March 2015, 17:30, with music by two Iranian-British bands.

The night before Nowruz, British-Iranian bands will play two improvisational sets using jazz and other styles to celebrate New Year’s Eve at the Southbank Centre in London.

This event is held as part of the Southbank Centre’s Friday Tonic series and the British Council’s UK-Iran Season of Culture.

With performances by two bands who each represent the musical links between Iran and the UK, including both British and Iranian musicians, the event will be an upbeat celebration of the end of the old year and the beginning of the new. The bands will perform pieces inspired by Iranian music and enriched by improvisation with modern influences. We invite you to spend your Friday night with us, celebrating Nowruz and enjoying some great live music.

Event details:

The Front Room at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre (How to get here)

This is a free, non-ticketed event

Friday 20 March 2015, 17.30-19.00


Pouya Ehsaei

Dr Pouya Ehsaei is a sound artist and experimental electronic musician involved in different projects and collaborations with performers, dancers, and musicians where he experiments with sound, words, video and computer graphics. His debut album There (published by Entr’acte in April 2014) is an experiment with traditional Iranian music samples and excerpts to create lush soundscapes, harsh expressions and eastern melodic noises.Visit to discover more about his works.

Radek Rudnicki

Dr Radek Rudnicki works as a sound designer and music composer. In 2008 he was shortlisted by SPNM (UK) as one of the most interesting emerging composers living in the UK. He has made pieces for theatre, film and game sound design. His work is focused on interactive multimedia and improvisational music using electronics. Find out more about his works on

Enrico Bertelli

Dr Enrico Bertelli Is a cross-media, technology-mediated performer, teacher and researcher. Part-time lecturer at the University of York. Designer of Italian for Musicians, to be published on TuttiItalia. Featured on New Scientist, ScreamingGoatTV and Nonclassical. He builds digital instruments and theorises new forms of performance practice. Visit to find out more about his works.

Sam Fathi

A London based multi-instrumentalist and instrument maker specialised in the Tanbur and Daf. He was educated in western classical music at Carl Orff’s Music Institute in Tehran and as a young musician played the electric guitar in several rock bands. Later he became interested in Iran's ethnic music. For years he travelled far and wide to learn undocumented songs from some remote regions and took Daf lessons from Bijan Kamkar. He has performed at some of UK's most reputable venues. Watch video.

Sam Fathi will be playing along with:

Iman Bashari: Conductor and percussions

Golazin Ardestani: Vocals

Raja Mohammadi: Geichak alto

Veria Amiri: Tar bass

Bahman Parsi: Vocals

Monooka: Vocals

Tom Atherton: Drums

Paul Moylan: Double Bass

Adam Holloway: Saxophone