Imaginary performance by Payam Mofidi

A Festival of Imaginary Events for Rooftops in Tehran and London


14 Iranian and British independent artists have created a festival of imagined performances on rooftops. Conceived and curated by Andy Field (Forest Fringe, UK) and Iranian artist-producer Nima Dehghani, each imagined performance is represented by a postcard beautifully designed by Katayoon Forouhesh, an Iranian graphic designer based in the UK. 

The performances include anything from the impossibly huge, spectacular and even fantastical to tiny, barely visible performances. They range from events that would require a whole city-full of performers to events that the lone imaginer could perform themselves. None of these events will ever be realised – they will exist only in our shared imagining of them. 

An imagined performance by Melanie Wilson and Will Duke. Designed by Katayoon Forouhesh

This imaginary festival is a creative and poignant response to the difficulties involved in travelling between Iran and the UK. We hope that it will provide a meaningful alternative platform for artists whose work would otherwise have no opportunity to travel to each other’s countries. The aim is to use our collective imagination as a means by which to bring together artists and audiences in the UK and Iran. 

The festival will come to life when audiences collect and exchange the postcards of each performance. Watch out for the postcards at events during the UK-Iran Season and at Forest Fringe during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August. You can also follow us via Underline throughout 2015 to find out more about the works and the artists, as we gradually reveal the pieces online.

Featuring the work of Amy Sharrocks, Azade Ganjeh, Barbad Golshiri, Javid S. Ghaemmaghami, Mahmoodreza Noorbakhsh, Marjan Androodi, Melanie Wilson & Will Duke, Payam Mofidi, Rajni Shah, Robin Deacon, Sarah Fe’li & Maedeh Shanehsaz, and Tim Etchells

Produced by Forest Fringe in partnership with the British Council as part of its UK-Iran Season of Culture

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