Interactive, New Technology, Live Music, Text-based: Medium, Site-Responsive, Immersive

Formed in 2005, Look Left Look Right is a documentary-theatre company specialising in the creation of site-specific, immersive and verbatim theatre in ‘live’ locations. The company prides itself on finding places of interest and intrigue, and sensitively layering its stories upon the day-to-day comings and goings of these spaces. Prioritising real people’s words and language, Look Left Look Right undertakes extensive local research and interviews to truly get under the skin of the environments it works in.

For You Once Said Yes, the company teams up with award-winningTrippplicate writers Morgan Lloyd Malcolm and Katie Lyons to bring a unique theatrical experience to their audiences - by placing them at the centre of the action. Weaving through the hidden alleys of the city, participants are requested to leave their possessions and preconceptions behind as they are guided through a series of one-to-one encounters. With no spectators in the show, an individual’s interactions with the characters they meet will determine the path they take in this distinctive production, which won a Fringe First and a Total Theatre award when it was premiered in Edinburgh in 2011. Knowing and expecting you, a cast of compelling characters and their thrilling stories await anyone willing to utter the magic words ‘Yes’.

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